UVA-Comb (315-400 nm)


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UVA-Comb (315-400 nm) for the treatment of Psoriasis, Neurodermitis, Vitiligo at the head skin and small skin areas in the dermatological clinic, the doctor´s surgery or at home.

The SkinLight SL UV-comb (UVA) is designed for the treatment of Psoriasis, Neurodermitis and Vitiligo at the head skin.
The detachable comb teeth allow also the treatment of small skin areas
The ultra low weight allows a comfortable application of the unit.


  • UV-spectrum 315 – 400 nm

  • Detachable comb set made of special acryl

  • Super high light intensity enabling very short treatment times

  • Electronic ballast for low weight

  • External timer und UV-protection glasses are included

  • Treatment duration according to doctors specification

  • Lighting Power: UV-therapy lamp 9 Watt

  • Weight: 360 g

  • Dimension: oval shape, max. diameter 5,5 cm, length 27 cm

  • Mains: 230 – 240~ Volt , 50 – 60 Hz. UK standard Plug.


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