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Tubes are working by group of 4 units:

4 on the left, 4 on the center, 4 on the right of the lamp.

Sometimes during and due to transportation (or handling), one or more tubes unlock.

If one tube is unlocked 4 are not working.

Please have a look to the picture below to see how to easily and safely lock a tube correctly. It will be the same way if you have to replace tubes in several years.

Please turn off the device before doing the operation. This operation is to be done while the device is unplugged. Indeed, if you perform this operation while the lamp is switched on, you may damage irreversibly the lamp (electronic ballast).

It should fix your problem quickly. If not, and if all tubes are properly locked, may be only one tube is not working.

Please switch one working tube with the one that is not working. If it works, it means that the problem is the tube itself.

If your problem is still not fixed, please do not hesitate to contact us again to find a solution.


First please refer to the user manual to understand how to start the device properly.

When you press the start button (digital display), nothing happens or the tubes do not light up.

Before initiating the return procedure, please check the following:

  • does the problem repeat itself whatever the socket to which the device is plugged?
  • do you use an extension cord between the device and the wall socket?
  • did an electrical event happen in your housing recently (storm, etc.)?
  • do you have an electrical power limitation in your housing?

One of the elements can be the reason why the lamp is not starting or the tubes not light up.


the lateral panels of your lamp do not open properly. It’s like they would be blocked by something.

There is only one explanation in this case: the moving part of the lamp is stuck between the fixed part (frame) of the lamp. Please look carefully, you’ll see that one or two hinges are stuck between the lamp and the frame.

This happens sometimes during transportation. If the parcel has been handled without care (and violence sometimes), the moving part of the lamp can move and stuck itself between the frame.

You won’t be able to unstuck the lamp if you don’t apply a (very) powerful punch on the back of the lamp.

  • place the lamp horizontally on a stable table.
  • place a towel under the lamp in order to protect it and your table as well!
  • hit the back of the lamp with a powerful punch. Don’t worry there is no risk to break the lamp. If you don’t succeed. Do it again and increase the power!

In order to avoid useless and expensive after sale return procedure, please try this easy and quick way!


The lateral panels of your lamp do not open properly. It’s like somethings is blocking them.

(if the previous step has not resolved your problem)

It is likely that the protective cover (in grey) of one of the hinges has slightly opened (during the transport if the lamp has moved, the hinge has stuck and unstuck and by unstucking the grey part has remained slightly opened).

tanning lamp stuck

So when you try to open the front panel that plastic piece prevents the panels from complete opening. It’s blocked by that grey plastic piece.

This piece is purely aesthetic, you can try to push it back in order not to bother the opening of the panels (but sometimes it’s hard to regain its original position).

You can also remove it by moving it back and forth. It has no other function than aesthetic.