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The BEST At Home Tanning in EUROPE

Face Tanning is offering tanning and face care products on the international market since 2005. Our tanning devices are simply among the best in Europe. Most of these products are Best Sellers sold by tens of thousands units. With our devices and accessories you can make facial care in the comfort and intimity of your home, whenever you want and forever.

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Over 10.000 satisfied Clients since 2005

Face Tanning .com offers you the best of the at home tanning devices since 2005.

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Safety of Use

The tanning devices that we provide:

  • Safety design for easy and safe use (Class 2 – double insulation of the device).
  • Security elements always included (timer, protection goggles, distance measurement, etc.).
  • Detailed user manual in your language with a program of sessions included.
  • Meet European standards (European CE standards, EN 60-335-2-27. Conformity with decree of May 30, 1997 governing the use of tanning devices in Europe. CE, EMC, TUV).
  • Selection of best tube manufacturers (made in Germany or Netherlands) for an optimized tube lifetime and the use of the device in accordance with the standards in force. In fact, the wavelengths of the UV, red light and infrared tubes are essential for the safe and effective use (optimal tanning performance despite the limitations in force – erythemal irradiance 0.3 W/m² -).
  • Our devices for the treatment of facial, neck, shoulders and décolleté areas are for people over 18 years old. By placing an order in one of our merchant sites, you declare to be older than 18 years old. Our devices are to be used by people in full possession of their mental and physical means and for its intended purpose. The UV products should not be used by people who have had skin cancer. People who are regularly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly checked for this pathology.

IN STOCK, SHIPPED within 48 hours Maximum

Our devices and complementary accessories (spare tubes, etc.) are available throughout the year and long after your purchase guarantee.

In most cases, the orders are processed the same day or the next working day.


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